Sunday, November 16, 2008


a pic from my trip to NYC (CENTRAL PARK)
hello, this is not a post about fashion so if you happened to come across the blog I currently host for the less than adoring public considering I haven't hit star status, but don't get me wrong love posting for every single person who reads it and I love you all <3.

but, as of late I have been feeling a little or should I say engulfed in a mountainous amount of stress, My ex boyfriend is dating my best friend and when I tried to make peace with them, well, lets say I cried that night! hence why I can't wait to be done school, plus on top of that my average is only an 84.3% or a 3.67 GPA which is not were it needs to be I want to get in to queens or western...for those who are not Canadian they are the Yale and Princeton of Canada I don't know what to do... I feel completely alone because all of my friends have a BF or a GF and then there is me and considering the situation listed above I think that glass of wine had was well deserved I'm rather drunk and tired and my grammar is horrible so I think I'm going to be now considering it is around 1 am and my laptop wants to rest too. Toot-a-loo

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