Monday, December 27, 2010

The grace of the season

the Grace of the season is wonderful!
Except for all the food! Leaving food littered on your plate is just bad taste! It makes it look like you dislike the food the host has given you. Here is a little tip my lovelies:

take a little bit the first time, then go back and get more! That way if you don't like something you don't have to eat more of it.
the exception being when someone serves you....which is not something they should be doing anyways! How awkward would that have a mountain of aspic! What if the guest hates aspic and is to shy to say anything? YUCK!

if anything the food should be pre - plated and brought out so that it looks classy and there is only a little bit of everything on the plate!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A new take on life

Dear goodness how long has it been darlings?
the answer: too long!
I have decided to switch the blog up a little bit, this is because my life has sort of taken a different direction. While fashion is incredibly interesting and quite the art for and an exceptional means of expression; I have learned a lot about myself in recent months.

As crazy as this is about to sound I want to return to the classics. And no as cliché as this post is, I am not referring to literary classics. What I mean is life classics, or the classic way of life.

I am speaking of ediquitte, class and bringing the southern bell way of life up north!

speaking of up north, I am leaving Ottawa to go home tomorrow woohoo! and the alpha chapter of Delta Psi Delta starts recruitment soon!

I am almost finished our website as well!
very exciting!
Update again hopefully soon loves !