Monday, December 20, 2010

A new take on life

Dear goodness how long has it been darlings?
the answer: too long!
I have decided to switch the blog up a little bit, this is because my life has sort of taken a different direction. While fashion is incredibly interesting and quite the art for and an exceptional means of expression; I have learned a lot about myself in recent months.

As crazy as this is about to sound I want to return to the classics. And no as cliché as this post is, I am not referring to literary classics. What I mean is life classics, or the classic way of life.

I am speaking of ediquitte, class and bringing the southern bell way of life up north!

speaking of up north, I am leaving Ottawa to go home tomorrow woohoo! and the alpha chapter of Delta Psi Delta starts recruitment soon!

I am almost finished our website as well!
very exciting!
Update again hopefully soon loves !

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