Sunday, November 30, 2008


so I don't have my usb cord so you are just getting head shots of me this week, but you can see alcapulco in the background. it is sunny and wonderful here and i also learnd my spanish is malo to say the least. they also have a ZARA here and a MANGO which makes me mucho bueno

- keep the world beatiful


Friday, November 28, 2008

1 am ramble// big foot

hey loves I'm in a hotel room at i dunno 1 am and I can't sleep plus the rest of the people who are coming with me to Mexico can't ether but I'm very tired and the result is me posting randomly to you guys and showing you me 100% natural I haven't even brushed my hair I look like BIGFOOT!!!! lmao

- keep the world beautiful

~ Lexie

I shall be in Mexico and miss you all....I am bringing my laptop and will post when possible

love you all,

- keep the world beautiful


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Homework and shocking confessions

Good morning for me it's currently about 5 am and after two cups of coffee and finishing an outline about whether my Prime minister is a Conservative or not I am mentally dead, I also have a confession to are all going to gasp....ready? your not.....OK now you are.....I have wore track pants for the last week!!!....I have been so in to just getting school work done before I get to Mexico that well, I haven't put any thought in to dressing! how demode of me! I know Gasp let out all around. forgive me won't you? don't make me beg....its not chic to beg...OK, well, now that all is forgiven here is a pretty picture I found for you loves!

- keep the world beautiful


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

backwards seasons

I think that knits will be quite chic all through the season hmmm? if you are planning to buy some...(if you haven't bought some already) I would go for greys or tans I will tell you that after having neon colours in for winter we will have earth tones for spring... I mean the CFDA likes to change it up every once in a I said invest in neutral knits!

- keep the world beautiful


Monday, November 24, 2008

new line ar uo?

apparently Urban Outfitters has a new line called obesity and speed, that's an eye popping name hmmm? the line is said to be cutting edge fashion, the line was started in the basement of an NYC apartment. what doesn't happen in NYC really? it's a great city! apparently the name is a commentary on the fashion industry? ouch I mean aside from the lovely Mr. lagerfeld the rest of the industry seems to be going towards "curvy" models...How very demode. but, I must say all-in-all I love the rocker chic look.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fashion show


Walking with Robin

OK here are some really low quality pics of the show I was in....this was due to the camera that my friend used it was only a 5.2 mega pixel which = bad shots but oh well I hope you get the Idea, bye for now loves!

- Keep the world beautiful


Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of the seasons staples

hello the fashion show is tomorrow and we did a walk through today, I have like ten inch heels which are so cute! they are silver with bows and I have a pink and black vintage style dress very chic hmmm? anyways....enough of the rambling I have to soak my feet and get a good nights rest for tomorrow. here is one of the most important wardrobe staples this season...the blazer!

- Keep the world beautiful


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Glamour reader of the week

hey my darlings, I have a cute little post for you today. this look was ode to a look from the Micheal Kors runway show, I am very excited about the fashion show I am doing Friday! I'm modeling for Billabong and Lucky brand jeans! well I must be off I have to write a paper about how corrupt Enron was and how they "cooked ( forged)" their books and became rich before they fell. bye my loves.

- keep the world beautiful


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

comme des garcons pour H&M, Tres chic!

hello my darlings, Canada has the most horrible weather in winter, non? It is November and there is snow, cold and horrible and....wet! It is so depressing and demode hmm? anyways I have a lovely post today for all the lovely people who read my blog. the trench is comme des garcons from H&M which I have ordered on line because it is sold out of most stores around me so there for the solution is ordering on line. It is a tres chic trench no?

Monday, November 17, 2008

acid wash

I can't believe it, but, acid wash is in datrlings rather insane isn't it hmmmm?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


a pic from my trip to NYC (CENTRAL PARK)
hello, this is not a post about fashion so if you happened to come across the blog I currently host for the less than adoring public considering I haven't hit star status, but don't get me wrong love posting for every single person who reads it and I love you all <3.

but, as of late I have been feeling a little or should I say engulfed in a mountainous amount of stress, My ex boyfriend is dating my best friend and when I tried to make peace with them, well, lets say I cried that night! hence why I can't wait to be done school, plus on top of that my average is only an 84.3% or a 3.67 GPA which is not were it needs to be I want to get in to queens or western...for those who are not Canadian they are the Yale and Princeton of Canada I don't know what to do... I feel completely alone because all of my friends have a BF or a GF and then there is me and considering the situation listed above I think that glass of wine had was well deserved I'm rather drunk and tired and my grammar is horrible so I think I'm going to be now considering it is around 1 am and my laptop wants to rest too. Toot-a-loo


'ello Loves! I'm on my way to Mexico in a approximately 2 weeks! I can't Wait we are staying in one of my grandparents condos in Acapulco, my mom wanted to stay in the in in porta viarta but my grandpa thought the kids (meaning me, Brandon, my sister and my step brother.) would much rather the action of Acapulco than the relaxation of porta viarta. I'm so excited I have been shopping for outfits for months! ha ha its quite sad I'm this excited I know but anyways here is some inspiration I found on the sartorialist.

Friday, November 14, 2008

new camera on the way!

hey, I the reason I am posting so late is that I had to film Shakespeare...I thought I was finished with I was at my friends house filming hamlet till 10:30 PM and we started at 3 PM I said midterms suck!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

so I am very, very busy tonight with midterms and school drama....don't want to even start about here is some outfit inspo.....sorry I haven't been posting in takes a long time to translate properly but after mid terms I will again

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

gossip girl jenny sneak peak

so here's the deal, I have a dead camera literally dead! it needs to be replaced badly. It sucks up batteries like you you'd not believe and frankly its just old. so when the batteries charge or i buy new ones; I will take pictures of my new clothes and it will be amazing promise until then here is a little sneak peak of jenny next episode of gossip girl.

-keep the world beautiful

Donc voici l'affaire, j'ai un litterally d'appareil photo mort mort ! il a besoin d'être mal remplacé. Il aspire des piles comme vous yould ne croit pas et franchement son juste vieux. si quand les piles chargent ou j'achète la nouvelle une ; je prendrai des images de mes nouveaux vêtements et ce serai untill de promesse stupéfiant alors voici un petit sommet de mouchard de jenny l'épisode prochain de fille de commérage.

-garder le mondial beau
~ Lexie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

shopping day

marc jacobs

hey loves today my camera is dead so I was unable to take pictures :(, I know sighs all around. But I went to the yorkdale mall today and went shopping at Holt renfrew ( as If I wasn't broke enough) but that theory line always calls to me when I go and so does marc jacobs! well I'll leave you with what I bought

- Keep the world beautiful


Monday, November 10, 2008

The huge cup of tea I had with breakfast and the book 1984

hey, my loves again I am shamefully late when it comes to posting! but as promised I delivered on the seventies trend and how to wear it. although once more it is rather sub-par, but I have to go because I must finish an economics project on the economics of political campaign funding. well hope you enjoy,

- Keep the world beautiful

, mes amours encore je suis shamefuly en retard quand il s'agit de poster ! mais comme a promis j'ai livré sur la tendance d'années soixante-dix et comment le porter. bien qu'une fois plus c'est plutôt le sous-pair, mais je dois vais parce que je dois finir un projet de science économique sur la science économique de subvention de campagne politique. espère bien que vous appréciez,

- Garder le mondial beau
~ Lexie

Sunday, November 9, 2008

trend watch

hello, I can't stress how sorry I am that I have taken much to long to post AND they have been sub-par posts that do not show you guys exactly how to relate the trends to real life :( but I am showing you today some pretty nice trends, again sorry I just got home from work; I'll try to do a good post tomorrow.

- keep the world beautiful

Bonjour, je ne peux pas accentuer que je suis désolé que j'ai pris beaucoup d'à long pour poster ET ils ont été les postes de sous-pair qui ne vous montrent pas les gars exactement comment relater les tendances à la vraie vie : (mais je vous montre aujourd'hui quelques tendances assez agréables, encore désolé je suis rentré juste du travail ; j'essaierai de faire un bon tommorow de poste.
- garder le mondial beau

~ Lexie

Saturday, November 8, 2008


bag: Coach
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

Skirt: Hermes

I have a shopping problem with eBay! I just spent a truck load of money, my credit card officially got its work out for the nest 2 years, omg I don't want to think how broke I am I bought an Hermes skirt wtf is wrong with me? Oh I know impulse buys! lol well guys I'm sorry it took so long for me to post but I had to work until 5pm.

- Keep the world beautiful
~ Alex (Lexie)

J'ai un problème commercial avec ebay ! J'ai dépensé juste un chargement de camion d'argent, mon officaily de carte de crédit a obtenu son travail hors pour le nid 2 ans, omg que je ne veux pas penser comment s'est cassé je suis j'ai acheté un wtf de jupe de hermes a tort avec moi ? Oh je sais les achats d'impulsion ! lol bien les gars je suis désolé qu'il a pris si long pour moi poster mais j'ai untill de travail 5 du soir.
- Garder le mondial beau~ Alex (Lexie)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stressed and romantic

hey loves, I have just slightly freaked out, one I'm super sleep deprived because of mid-terms my goodness you have no idea the stress I NEED AN 86 to get in to the well known schools in canada. mcgill, I'm not even looking at since i work two jobs and there is no way I can make 90's with 2 jobs. and lastly I gained 5 F*ing pounds, i'm 105 I know you're rolling your eyes 105 isn't that much; but I'm tiny so for me it really is! I need to stop stressing, thats whats making me fat, that and diet coke because it makes you bloat! any ways here are the clothes I bought last night on my break.

-keep the world beautiful
~Alex (Lexie)

hé les amours, je juste légèrement ai piqué une crise hors, un je suis sommeil super que l'a privé à cause de de milieu de trimestre ma bonté vous n'a pas d'idée la tension j'AI BESOIN D'UN 86 entrer aux écoles renommées au Canada. mcgill, je ne regarde pas même puisque je travaille deux emplois et il n'y a pas de façon je peut faire 90's avec 2 emplois. et enfin j'ai gagné 5 F*les livres d'ing, Savoir que vous roulez vos yeux 105 ne sont pas que beaucoup de ; mais je suis petit si pour moi il est vraiment ! J'ai besoin d'arrêter d'accentuer, que ce que me faisant le gras, cela et le coke de régime parce qu'il fait vous boursoufler ! n'importe quelles façons voici les vêtements que j'ai achetée hier soir sur mon frein.
-garder le mondial beau

~ Alex (Lexie)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No Girls Allowed

hey! i'm finished school today and discovered I don't like economics because the math has no intergral pattern that one can base an actual equation off of all it is, is this: the change in this devivded by the change in that gives you QS and then use that to find MU but first you have to complete the chart using and different equation? I think I Liked pre-calculus much better! (which I dropped in a week) any ways I don't want to bore you with economic math I just needed to get that off my chest, so this is my take on the white shirt\menswear. Hope you like it loves.

- Keep the world beautiful
~Alex (Lexie)

Hé ! je suis fini l'école et j'ai découvert aujourd'hui n'aime pas que la science économique parce que les maths n'a pas le modèle d'intergral que l'un peut baser une véritable équation de de tout c'est, est ceci : le changement dans ce devivded par le changement dans que vous donne QS et alors l'usage qui pour trouver MU mais premier vous devez complet le graphique utilisant et l'équation différente ? Je pense que j'Ai Aimé le pré-calcul beaucoup de mieux ! (Que j'ai tombé dans une semaine) n'importe quelles façons que je ne veux pas vous ennuyer avec les maths économiques j'ai eu juste besoin d'obtenir que de ma poitrine, donc ceci est mon prend la chemise blanche\le prêt-à-porter pour hommes. Espérer que vous aimez qu'il aime.
- Garder le mondial beau ~ Alex (Lexie)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

school spirit

So..... I'm really sorry for not showing my take on the seventies trend but, today is school spirit day and thought I would show you how I ATTEMPT to make my school T-shirt and colors look some-what fashionable. oh well, again sorry about that but I still put up a pic for you guys.

- keep the world beautiful
~Alex (Lexie)

Donc je suis vraiment désolé pour ne montrant pas mon prend la tendance d'années soixante-dix mais, est aujourd'hui le jour d'esprit d'école et ai pensé je vous montrerait comment je TENTE de faire mon TEE-SHIRT d'école et les couleurs paraissent un peu à la mode. oh bien, encore désolé de que mais je monte toujours un pic pour vous les gars.

- garder le mondial beau

~ Alex (Lexie)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

punk meets girl

Hello my darligns, how are you? Incase you were wondering I'm fine. I just got home from school and thought you might want to see what fashion insparation I have for you today? well, I thought I would do fashion a la Kate Moss I think I did a pretty good job considering I didn't buy a I had noticed that fashion is going more towards a "Gender bender" and spring is resort wear which is nice, but my favorite trend...Romantic, well, thats only partly true I`m loving the seventies look too! I`ll show you guys my take on seventies tomorrow.

- Keep the world beautiful

- Alex (Lexie)

français : Bonjour mon darligns, comment êtes-vous ? Incase vous vous demandiez je suis bien. Je suis rentré juste de l'école et a pensé pourrait vouloir vous voir quel insparation de mode j'ai-t-il pour vous aujourd'hui ? bien, j'ai pensé je fais façonne une la Mousse de Kate je pense que j'ai fait un considérer de travail assez bon je n'ai pas acheté une chose. j'avais remarqué cette mode va plus vers un « la cintreuse de Sexe » et le printemps est deffinitly l'usure de recours qui est agréable, mais mon préféré Bien, cela seulement partiellement vrai I`m aimant les années soixante-dix regardent aussi ! Le spectacle d'I`ll vous les gars mon prend des années soixante-dix demain

-garder le mondial beau

- Alex (Lexie)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Karl Laegerdfeld, funny man?

I was so inspired after reading Karl Lagerfeld's blog...that man is the most amusing man to sit there and just read there and read the thoughts that just stream from his head on to the key board in front of him! I don't believe my creative genius is anything of the sort so at the moment I am not going to attempt to make anyone who reads this laugh or entice your own creative genius but I shall show you what made me so amused:

My Bookshop
Person: Karl, can could I please buy this book?

Karl: Hmm? You want to buy this book?

Person: Yes.Karl: Get on the scales, then.

Person: What???

Karl: We need to see if your weight suits that book. Brad! Get the scales!


Karl: Just step over here. Hmm.Person: Hmmm?

Karl: I'm the only one that does those "hmm?"'s, hmm?

Person: ...yes.

Karl: Just stand on the scales!

Person: ...Karl: You are 50 kgs. That's pretty fat, for someone who wears Balenciaga!

Person: but?Karl: No buts! Run! Run! Run!

Person: [starts running]

Karl: Why are you running around my bookshop, hmmm?

Person: You [puff] told me [puff] too!

Karl: Stop it! Let's weigh you.

Person: [steps on scales]

Karl: 49.99!

Person: Is it good enough?

Karl: Are your jeans skinny enough?

Person: Yes Karl! My jeans are skinny! My jeans are skinny!

Karl: Okay. 500 Pounds.

Person: The price says $40, and this is France so what you're doing charging in those amounts--

Karl: Do you weigh $40?

Person: I weigh 49.99...


Person: I suppose you're right, then.

Karl: $600 now.

Person: what th-?

Karl: You're wasting my time!

Mary-Kate Olsen: You don't have to be around people who waste your time, Karl.

Ashley Olsen: You can be with us.

Mary-Kate: I see you've got a daughter now.

Ashley: What about us.

Posted by Karl Lagerfeld at
2:10 AM

hopless romantic I couldn't decide between what I wanted to do menswear or romantic? well, I thought I was feeling a little bit like lonely and boy less; plus I'm an awful hopeless romantic so I thought why not both? mind you i don't know how great it looks mixing trends like that but hey its lonely, crazy, romantic and well, me!

- keep the word beautiful

~Alex (Lexie)

en français: Si. je ne pourrais pas décider entre ce que j'ai voulu faire du prêt-à-porter pour hommes ou romantique ? bien, j'ai pensé je me sentais un peu comme solitaire et le garçon moins ; plus je suis un terrible sans espoir romantique si j'ai pensé pourquoi les deux pas ? vous a des objections je ne sais pas grand il paraît de tendance mélangeant comme ça mais son solitaire, fou, romantique et bien, moi

- garder le mondial beau

~ Alex (Lexie)

A first fashion moment

Today I decided to show everyone what I'm wearing (any cheers?....probably not) lately I have been reading a lot of blogs and looking at what people are doing. I personally love to see what people are wearing because there are two kinds of fashion (in my humble opinion) haute couture what the lovely Karl and Donatella and Philip and Marc give us, and for the rest of us who don't make millions a year and most definitely don't spend a few thousand on a dress, there is street fashion: for the people who will walk into banana republic, H&M or Zara and pick up some trends.
personally I love winners its like a fashion paradise (heaven is Holt Renfrew) so I decided to go for my own version of street fashion hope you enjoy it.

- Keep the world beautiful

~ Alex (Lexie)

Aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de tout le monde montrer que je porte (n'importe quelles acclamations ? ....probably pas) dernièrement j'ai été lu beaucoup de blogs et regarde quels gens font. J'aime voir personnellement quels gens portent parce qu'il y a deux types de mode (dans mon Humilier l'opinion) haute couture que le beau Karl et Donatella et Philip et Marc donnent nous, et pour nous qui ne fait pas les millions par an et ne dépense pas le plus sans aucun doute quelque millier sur une robe, il y a la mode de rue : pour les gens qui marcheront dans la république de banane, H&ampli ; M ou Zara et prend quelques tendances. Personnellement j'aime les vainqueurs son aimé un paradis de mode (le ciel est Holt Renfrew) si j'ai décidé d'aller pour ma propre version d'espoir de mode de rue vous l'appréciez.
- Garder le mondial beau
~ Alex (Lexie)

oh, one more thing; I thought I would show you some random girls at my school and thier attempt at style\fashion in a true satorialist sense
oh, un plus de chose ; j'ai pensé je vous montrerais quelques filles faites au hasard à mon école et à thier tente au style\la mode dans un vrai sens de satorialist

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fisrt Post

wow, so this is my very first post? I'm feeling very inspired by the fifties at the moment; mainly and most likely because I'm watching "Mad Men". It is the first time I have seen the show and the clothes are just amazing....not to say that I'm brave enough to wear any thing of the sort out of my house. maybe I am rambling because it's close to midnight if not there already, I promise future posts will me more awe inspiring.

Alex (Lexie)