Friday, February 20, 2009


So my cousin just came back from modeling in Thailand and I'm super proud of how well she is doing so I thought I would post a few pictures on my blog...I didn't really ask her so may I ask you not copy these...for fear she may be angry with me if these get copied :P k?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


so. I am very sorry it took so long but, I have been wrapped up in at least receiving one acceptance before march...and...I DID!!! I have been accepted to Mcmaster for political have not idea how happy I am...woot woot. there will be more fashion updates in the near future loves!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Street Chic

hey my lovers! lol Just KIDDING! I have been ultra busy because I switched schools to a uniformed catholic school! just goes to show how crazy drama can make you! its not that bad though. well, aside from the fact this school never has dress down days! anyways...I thought I would show you this picture because 1. I freaked out when I realized she had the same purse as me! (mine is blue though) and second I am still craving that leather jacket!!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Style is Style

Hey, hey what's up? I'm assuming not much frankly, because its Monday..blah I hate Mondays even though I have a first period spare. which means technically I get to sleep in but, do I? nope, anyways I was doing my usual blog surfing and you know who the one person I would love to go vintage shopping with Tavi. she may be quite young but man this girl can pull clothes!
à propos juste permettre à ces lecteurs parlants français de savoir... J'échange l'école, je sais idiot, becuase cela est mon dernier semestre!au revoir mon aime
- gardent le monde beau

Saturday, February 7, 2009

DRAMA//eternally chic

I Love both of these looks they are really close to my own style...comfortable with a touch of eternally chic! as for my life?
a. A prose or verse composition, especially one telling a serious story, that is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action.
b. A serious narrative work or program for television, radio, or the cinema.
2. Theatrical plays of a particular kind or period: Elizabethan drama.
3. The art or practice of writing or producing dramatic works.
4. A situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play: the drama of the prisoner's escape and recapture.
5. The quality or condition of being dramatic: a summit meeting full of drama.
DRAMA that's what I got...
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The shoe people will talk about

So...any one know how to write a response essay to Plato's the Cave?....well, aside from home work I have a little report on shoes...apparently according to my observations the shy-high wedge. I have found it is more popular in black and these shoes let me warn you are not cheap...and not for those who don't like to bleed their pocket books dry...the shoes are gevinchy! well, if you want to get noticed...these are the shoes!
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wide leg pants//spring trend?

Well, in a few of the magazines I read and a couple on-line one I have noticed a few trends...The first is wide led pants. la large culotte de jambe semble dériver dans et du style alot si naturellement je vous conseillerais de garder une paire dans vos toilettes. The second is the scarf which I myself have plenty of and think they help dress up any outfit! pendant le printemps cela semble tout à fait évident mais je dirais des couleurs de sorbet et des caractères floraux millésimés parce que nous voyons une touche en arrière aux années soixante et aux années soixante-dises pendant le printemps!

- Keep the world beautiful