Monday, November 3, 2008

Karl Laegerdfeld, funny man?

I was so inspired after reading Karl Lagerfeld's blog...that man is the most amusing man to sit there and just read there and read the thoughts that just stream from his head on to the key board in front of him! I don't believe my creative genius is anything of the sort so at the moment I am not going to attempt to make anyone who reads this laugh or entice your own creative genius but I shall show you what made me so amused:

My Bookshop
Person: Karl, can could I please buy this book?

Karl: Hmm? You want to buy this book?

Person: Yes.Karl: Get on the scales, then.

Person: What???

Karl: We need to see if your weight suits that book. Brad! Get the scales!


Karl: Just step over here. Hmm.Person: Hmmm?

Karl: I'm the only one that does those "hmm?"'s, hmm?

Person: ...yes.

Karl: Just stand on the scales!

Person: ...Karl: You are 50 kgs. That's pretty fat, for someone who wears Balenciaga!

Person: but?Karl: No buts! Run! Run! Run!

Person: [starts running]

Karl: Why are you running around my bookshop, hmmm?

Person: You [puff] told me [puff] too!

Karl: Stop it! Let's weigh you.

Person: [steps on scales]

Karl: 49.99!

Person: Is it good enough?

Karl: Are your jeans skinny enough?

Person: Yes Karl! My jeans are skinny! My jeans are skinny!

Karl: Okay. 500 Pounds.

Person: The price says $40, and this is France so what you're doing charging in those amounts--

Karl: Do you weigh $40?

Person: I weigh 49.99...


Person: I suppose you're right, then.

Karl: $600 now.

Person: what th-?

Karl: You're wasting my time!

Mary-Kate Olsen: You don't have to be around people who waste your time, Karl.

Ashley Olsen: You can be with us.

Mary-Kate: I see you've got a daughter now.

Ashley: What about us.

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