Thursday, April 8, 2010

the second coming

Hey loves,tis moi ces't vrai,
I hope you didn't put away those military jackets because I have news for you!

According to one of my favorite style watching sites they are a still in!

On a side note, I am very sorry I have not been posting as I had previously promised I would but I have become increasingly busy since I have been at school I can tell you that haha.

any ways the University I wound up at is Carleton University, not exactly the creme de la sais ha ha. mes je suis content ici,

I am taking global politics and that is and exclusive program...there are less than 20 in the whole university in this major!

but, if there is one thing I have learned about university it that it is not what people im

agine in any light!

as I sit here beside my boyfriend in the kitchen of his town house while his roomate is at the dinning table listening to classic rock and it softly resinates through the house, the smell of freshly cooked grill cheese wafts through the kitchen...I realize a couple of things

1. engineers are a curious species...(which half of the house is engineers and the other two are industrial design and a math major) they drink all night, worry about their exam and then piss the day away doing nothing, explain that to me?

2. you will find people will spend more time on sporcle a quiz site that quizes your knowledge on random facts, then they do study for their exams...I don't get the addiction myself but my roommates are also addicted I can peer into their rooms at any hour of the night and see them multi-tasking scorple and their essays lol..

as for me...I have concentration issues AKA I procrastinate I have distracted myself with my sorority this semester and it has been ever sooooo much fun ΔΨΔ <3>

keep the world beautiful

~ Lexie

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