Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am Back!

I stopped with the blog for so many reasons I can not begin to tell you my loves :) but since it is summer I have time for you all! Are you excited? I hope so :P well hunnies what do you want to know about? my life? psssssh that's boring, you want to know about fashion, the good stuff. 
well here it is;
  Misha, Sydney
I suggest pops of bright colour, everywhere I turn on queen st. (the fashion district) this is what i see my loves. generally it is a neutral tone or black and white paired with a bright neon or candy colour.
I myself have recently bought a pair if neon converse which I have now become known as the girl with the "highlighter Converse" ha ha.


and there you have it loves my update for today.

~keep the world beautiful


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