Friday, December 5, 2008

prom dress

But in teal....very pretty on me, considering I'm very white lol.
HOLA! buenos tardes! I am very sorry that I did not post yesterday, but I have very exciting news! I just bought my prom dress here in Acapulco, yep in Mexico. For those of you that don't watch "My Sweet 16" or know very much about the Mexican culture they have something here called a Quince anos or on MTV you may have heard it called a Quinceara. basically it is like one girl's debutant ball...they pay huge money for these dresses I'm talking 10,000 pesos. these dresses are just dripping with material....they have 12 yards of farbric in the skirts and they are often worn with hoops. So I thought what better to do than get one of these dresses for prom? it will be the biggest one there and...the only one of it's kind there! oh...and I bought a Mexican fire opal of the most expensive opals on the planet....but that was only a few thousand pesos.

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Suecogirl said...

Hi, lovely dress! Im going to acapulco on a vacation, and I would very much like to know where I can find a promdress for my own. Do you know any websites or streetnames cuz that would be very helpfull.
greetings from sweden