Wednesday, January 7, 2009


bonjour mon amis, je suis tres en ce moment! but, on the bright side I got to sleep in today its not a snow's a freezing rain day! in eastern Ontario everything is frozen into a nice shiny VERY slippery surface ha ha. well, Now for my post; I can't believe what I'm reading in three separate magazines! that seventies style is supposed to stay in style for spring! merde de sainte! no offence but, some people don't know how to style themselves and I can see some numerous fashion victims in spring. now, I'd say most bloggers are very good at styling and no, I'm not getting all high and mighty on you and no, I'm not saying I have a perfectly styled outfit everyday but...I'm afraid of acid wash jeans and plaid and especially together! prions il s'entraƮne d'accord :)
-keep the world beautiful

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